Facts About Care:
You Will Drink Less Alcohol

Our Patients Have Better Outcomes. Here's Our Data.

NorthStar Care patients have outcomes that are much better than other treatment programs. In one study examining just the impact of our treatment program on alcohol use, 70% met their alcohol use goals within three months. An additional 20% of our patients are seeing improvement in their alcohol use goals and are on their way to success. The past 30-day breath alcohol level across all NorthStar patients combined was 0.007.


In another survey of patient success, we evaluated the impact of five key NorthStar Care program elements. The five we examined were 1) utilization of medication, 2) utilization of nutrient therapy, 3) engagement in VR group support, 4) engagement with NorthStar Care providers, and 5) utilization of alcohol monitoring.  Our results showed that patients who engaged in only three of the five components were successful 86% of the time.

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