Changing The Way We Treat Alcohol For Good

North-Star Care is a comprehensive, next generation, virtual alcohol rehab program. At North-Star Care, we have removed barriers to treatment including judgment and stigma. Our scientific and medical approach to treatment dramatically improves clinical outcomes.  Currently available treatment options are not medically focused nor truly evidence based and have not evolved in over 90 years.

Step One: Getting Started

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Take a moment to fill out our online treatment request form. A member of our team will contact you within 12 hours. Your care is our highest priority.

Step Two: Consult

Schedule Your Consultation

North-Star Care will arrange for a consultation with one of our nurses to answer all of your questions.

Step Three: Onboarding

Receive Your Toolkit

North-Star Care will mail you all you need to begin your care in a discrete package. Some of the items included in your kit are an Oculus VR headset, your first 3 months of nutrients, diagnostic tools, and monitoring wearables.

Step Four: Begin Treatment

Begin Your Treatment
& Take Back Control

You are now on your way! You and your care team will meet to determine your personalized treatment plan and help you identify your goals.

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