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North-Star Care utilizes advanced technology, including Virtual Reality (VR), Telehealth, data science, and genetics, bringing the most effective, accessible, and safe treatment to you at home.

Truly Anonymous Support Through VR

Virtual Reality enables an anonymous, immersive peer support experience. Our VR platform allows people with similar experience to connect in a truly open and authentic manner.

Customizable Avatars For
Authentic Representation

National Peer Network

100% Anonymous Experience

Real-time Sleep, Heart Rate & Alcohol Monitoring

Continuous alcohol monitoring provides important patient feedback. Daily monitoring leads to effective treatment for sleep problems and stress. Innovative devices enable safe medical care at home.

Blood Alcohol Monitoring

Ensuring Optimal Health At All Times

Effortless Coordination & Care Through Our App

North-Star Care's treatment app enables you to manage your program from the palm of your hand.

Direct Access to Care Team

Scheduling Made Simple

Access Your Diagnostics Easily

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