Founded In Science
Not Stigma.

The NorthStar Care treatment program is based on the current state of the science. Current treatment models have not changed in 90 years leaving decades of research underutilized. After reviewing thousands of peer-review journal articles, NorthStar Care’s founders, an addiction specialist and a data scientist, developed the most scientific clinical approach to treatment to date.

Genetic & Diagnostic Testing for Next-Generation Care

AUD deserves to be treated like other chronic medical conditions. Genetic evaluations and nutrient analyses personalize treatment for every patient.

Full Genome Sequencing

Nutrient Deficiencies Identified

Medical Treatment For A Medical Condition

AUD has long been treated as a behavioral health problem, not a medical condition. As a result, treatment programs have largely ignored 20+ effective medications and do not address significant nutrient losses related to alcohol use.

Medications Help You Regain Control

Nutrients Help Your Brain To Heal

We Support All Goals,
Sobriety & Moderation

Not everyone wants or needs the same treatment goal. The requirement causes millions to postpone treatment until they do not have a choice.

Globally, Moderation Is An Acceptable Treatment Goal

Any Reduction In Alcohol Use Is A Win

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