Your story is unique, but you are not alone.

Real stories, real success

Our patients experience and unprecedented level of privacy and compassion throughout the entirety of their care and beyond. Hear first hand how our program compares to previous treatment experiences, impacted all aspects of a patient’s life, and set each of them up for long-term success. 

The following testimonials are recorded in VR to protect patient privacy. 

Meet Alyson

Single mom

“NorthStar allowed me to live in the outside world while still having the support and learning the tools to let me navigate for lack of better words the natural world”

Meet Grant

Special Ops Vet

“The program offered both a medical approach and with the medications that helped ease some of the anxiety associated with it and also all the vitamins and supplements really started to see an energy boost”

Meet Harrison

Military Vet

“Just the fact that I could keep it as private as I want and then also maintain my everyday life”

Meet Brian

“It wasn’t until NorthStar that I really felt a sense of community and like a coalescence of people”

Meet Sean

Tech executive

Discover the power of true anonymity through virtual reality (VR) and how it impacts openness from Sean. 

"The whole program is so different that it shifted my perception about what is possible." - James

“Over the years I’ve built up these perceptions about a lot of things including treatment programs for substance abuse, doctors approach to patients, etc. I kind of got to the point where I didn’t feel like doctors were really listening to me or trying to help me, which left me with no motivation to be honest with them and try to help myself. 

Meeting my NorthStar doctors and care team changed that. The whole program is so different that it shifted my perception about what is possible in terms of treating substance abuse relationships. It makes you feel like you are part of team that is helping you and you’re not alone. I would definitely recommend NorthStar Care to anyone looking to change their relationship with alcohol!”

With the use of VR Peer Support, patients like “James” are able to receive truly anonymous care and ensure their privacy is respected.

Stigma-Free Treatment That Works