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Our founder’s addiction treatment programs have treated more than 110,000 patients. As thought leaders, they have published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles that have advanced addiction science and impacted policy.

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Our experienced team has assembled video and educational content to help our patients and families better understand the disease of addiction, what healing from AUD can look like, and what you can expect in treatment.

The Struggle Is Real - Resources For Those Struggling With AUD

Be An Ally Free From Stigma - Resources For Family & Friends

Resources and educational content is not just for our patients. We strive to educate and support patients’ families as well.

Enabling or Life-Saving?

By April Wilson Smith, MPH   When I was struggling terribly with alcohol and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, people used to ask my mom, “Has she hit

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“He Drank Again”

By April Wilson Smith, MPH and Amanda L. Wilson, MD Few words are as scary to loved ones of people in Alcohol Use Disorder treatment

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