Sleep better and curb your cravings with nutrient therapy.

Discover the power of key nutrient repletion

By utilizing your genetics, we address and restore over 20 different key nutrients vital to cognition and overall well-being.  

14 days

Most of our patients sleep better after the first two weeks of treatment.

Restoring brain health:
Early wins & long-term success

Breaking the cycle with nutrients

 Take a look at just one example of our 20+ nutrients and the substantial impact they have on the body.

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Helping your brain heal while in recovery

Dr. Amanda Wilson explains how immediate alcohol cessation hinders patients from the start.

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Common nutrients


Supports brain health and restores cognitive function. Decreases alcohol withdrawal symptoms and cravings for alcohol as well. 


Supports good sleep, healthy brain function, and a healthy heart. B12 helps you feel energized.