Your treatment plan based on your goals.

Is the fear of permanent abstinence keeping you from seeking treatment?

39% of people who need treatment do not seek help because they do not want to commit to never having a drink again. Never is a long time. Get the care you need, don’t wait.  

Are you a candidate for moderation? 

We do not make generalizations. Every patient has their own individual treatment plan based on their personal needs. We do, however, need to keep patients safe. The determination of a patient goal is based on patient request and our clinical recommendation.

Healing the brain takes time

Even for moderation patients, a short time of abstinence is recommended

No matter what your goal is, NorthStar providers will recommend a period of abstinence. This will allow your brain some time to heal and empowers you to know that you are able to go for periods without drinking. Sometimes just knowing this leads to a tremendous amount of healing.

Any decrease in alcohol is a win

Drink Substitution Therapy™

At NorthStar, one of our tools is Drink Substitution Therapy™ (DST). Performing the ritual of mixing or pouring a drink, regardless of the alcohol content, signals the brain to release dopamine. The release of dopamine creates a pleasurable experience and provides relief for patients who are craving alcohol. That is why we have partnered with several companies who create and sell non-alcoholic beverages. When considering DST, keep your mind and options open. It can be a real challenge if you have a strong craving and the only option you have is real alcohol.

Great non-alcoholic options, shipped to your door