You never quit. Neither do we.

No blame, no shame, no stigma.

Unlock your full potential with your 6 person team

A clinical team that respects and supports you and your goals

Former service members with shared experience provide anonymous peer support through VR

Personalized treatment plan guided by genetics. Your information is secured and safe

Feel better in as little as 14 days — stay better with long-term support

Meet Grant

Special Ops Vet

“The program offered both a medical approach and with the medications that helped ease some of the anxiety associated with it and also all the vitamins and supplements really started to see an energy boost”

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A treatment solution like no other, for those built like no other

Created in collaboration with service members, our clinically-proven, at-home alcohol and substance abuse treatment program ensures active duty military, veterans, and their families never miss a moment with the ones who mean the most.

Military level support

Hear from LTC (Ret) Christopher Morris

HHC BN Commander 4th Infantry Div.

“As a retired Special Forces Officer with 20+ years of experience, both as a soldier and a leader, I witness countless issues related to alcohol use across the military community. As a Battalion Commander, alcohol related incidents were the single biggest issue that affected readiness across my formation. NorthStar Care’s approach offers a pathway to responsible alcohol use for our active duty and veterans. NorthStar Care’s program is science-based and the first solution I have seen that works. Because the platform is virtual, scheduling is based on your availability while also allowing you to maintain anonymity. We all know someone struggling with alcohol – it doesn’t need to be that way anymore. Gaining control over your alcohol use should not involve unrealistic expectations, punishment, or shame and NorthStar Care is dedicated to that mission.”

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