Feel better, faster.

Enjoy better sleep, restored brain health, and curbed cravings in just 14 days through nutrient and medication therapy.

Feel better, faster.

Enjoy better sleep, restored brain health, and curbed cravings in just 14 days through nutrient and medication therapy.

Founded in Science, Not Stigma

Substance use disorder is a medical problem that demands a medical solution. Our program utilizes science from the start, with nutrient and medication therapy. All care is delivered by your interdisciplinary care team, which includes physicians, nurses, and peer guides.

Research shows that substance use disorder is caused by a complex set of factors that include genetics, stress, nutritional deficits, and trauma. While it’s true that a small percentage of people can heal without medical support or intervention, those individuals are the exception, not the norm.

Traditional treatment models have not changed in 90 years, leaving decades of research ignored and dozens of potentially helpful medicines underutilized. After examining thousands of peer-review journal articles, our founders—an addiction physician and a data scientist—developed the most scientific, clinical approach to treatment in existence.

You've heard of Naltrexone, but did you know there are 30+ effective medications?

At the core of NorthStar’s program is the belief that substance use disorders deserve to be treated like other chronic medical conditions, not as a behavioral health problem or moral failing. 78% of patients benefit from medication intervention, yet traditional treatment programs have largely ignored medications that can help people regain control.

Personalized Treatment Built Around Your DNA

Research shows that 50% of a patient’s risk is associated with genetics. That’s why we personalize treatment for every patient by conducting genetic evaluations with full genome sequencing and nutrient analyses. We use your DNA to find the best possible medications and nutrients tailored to you.

NorthStar provides a patient identification number to our partner laboratory to ensure your genomic information remains private.

Your genome, your data, your control.

Restoring Brain Health:
Early Wins & Long-term Success

Breaking the Cycle with Nutrients

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Did you know that nutrients play a significant role in alcohol use disorder and addiction? Take a look at just one example of our 20+ nutrients and the substantial impact they have on the body.

Helping Your Brain Heal

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Did you know immediately stopping alcohol use impacts your brains ability to function? Dr. Amanda Wilson explains how immediate alcohol cessation hinders patients from the start.

It's never too early to get the support you need. Let's talk.

Our team is ready to help you redefine your relationship with alcohol, live life on your terms, and gain the tools you need to be successful.