Employee Retention Is
Key To Your Success

Demonstrating you care about your employees is the best strategy to retain them. Instead of ignoring your employee’s problem with alcohol use, help them get the treatment they need and deserve. North-Star Care can screen, treat, and monitor your employees without them needing to take a leave from their job.

Alcohol Is Having A Significant Impact On Your Bottom Line

With North-Star Care’s innovative treatment model, it is possible to help employees and their families succeed, while reducing corporate risk and alcohol-related costs through our 365 day treatment plan.

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People Suffer From AUD
0 %
Of All Employees Struggle with Substance Use
Times More Likely to Have An Accident
0 %
Increase In Medical Costs

Do You Know What AUD Is Costing You?

It's more than you think.
Alcohol related costs include:

  • Absenteeism
  • Increased health care costs
  • Increased corporate insurance premiums
  • Increased employee turnover
  • Higher rates of workplace injury
  • Higher rates of damaged corporate equipment
  • Interruption in employee work effort
  • Increased legal fees
  • Increased employee conflict
  • Presenteeism

The Perfect Pair For Assessment & Care

Helping to identify and treat employees with alcohol use disorder will help you retain your workforce.

Continuous Blood Alcohol Monitoring Through Your Wrist

Realtime Heart Rate
& Sleep Analysis

Ensuring Workplace Safety
At All Times

Since mental health challenges and substance use are on the rise, instituting a co-occurring screening and treatment program at your workplace will improve absenteeism, productivity, and employee success. You no longer have to ignore a known problem because you now have a complete solution.

We Help Businesses Retain Great Employees

We know how hard it is to retain good employees. Help them reach their full potential and overcome problems related to alcohol use.

Watching a good employee struggle is now a thing of the past. You can both screen and provide safe, private, and effective treatment to your employees at home through North-Star Care’s innovative treatment program. Your employees do not have to leave their work or home to get high quality care with better outcomes, reducing the impact of extended leave on your workforce.

It's never too early to get the support you need. Let's talk.

Our team is ready to help you redefine your relationship with alcohol, live life on your terms, and gain the tools you need to be successful.