Facts About Care:
Feel Better In 14 Days

Restoring Brain Health Quickly Is Vital To You Feeling Better

NorthStar Care is the only Alcohol Use Disorder treatment program to provide a complete nutrient repletion program. Our exclusive program results in increased speed of brain healing. Our patients report a very quick response to our novel brain health restoration therapy.


Patients report that by day 14 or even earlier, they have reduced anxiety, improved mental clarity, better ability to make thoughtful decisions, improved mood, and less severe “ups and downs.” Some patients reported regaining the ability to read with maintained comprehension at this two-week marker.


In our pilot study examining the effect of nutrient repletion alone, patients who consistently took their nutrients reported improved mental clarity, improved sleep, and reduced anxiety. Some pilot study individuals reported a reduction in alcohol cravings and a reduced motivation to drink after two weeks of nutrient therapy alone.

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