Six Things You Didn’t Know About Peer Support 

By April Wilson Smith, MPH   Maybe you have heard of Peer Support, maybe it’s new to you.  From the name, you’ve probably guessed that it means support from people who are equal, or in some way similar.  Your peers.    So, what is Peer Support, and why might you want to take advantage of Peer Support […]

Keys to Success: Enjoying Life

By April Wilson Smith, MPH  “Isn’t this [place] too nice for you?” asked the husband of one of the women I went to rehab with.  The inpatient rehab he was referring to was set in the pretty rolling hills of Pennsylvania.  The woman whose husband criticized the pleasant scenery had spent the first three days […]

Enabling or Life-Saving?

By April Wilson Smith, MPH   When I was struggling terribly with alcohol and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, people used to ask my mom, “Has she hit bottom yet?” My mother would answer, “Bottom would be dead.”   My mom was there for me through hospitalizations, running out of money, losing a job, and missing many family holidays when […]

“He Drank Again”

By April Wilson Smith, MPH and Amanda L. Wilson, MD Few words are as scary to loved ones of people in Alcohol Use Disorder treatment as “He/she/they drank again.”  Seeing a loved one consume a substance that has caused harm to themselves or others can bring up upsetting memories and frightening visions of the future.  […]

Support In Virtual Reality – Try It and You May Like It

By April Wilson Smith, MPH Are you someone who avoids “support groups” at all costs?  Do you hate technology?  Or both?  Lots of people approach our Virtual Reality (VR) Peer Support Groups with some misgivings, but everyone who has tried our VR Support loves it.  If you want to know why before you give it […]