Your company’s success depends on your employees’ health.

Improve your bottom line, while retaining valuable employees

No extended leave from
work required

Employees feel better and are more productive in just 14 days

Alcohol is having a significant impact on your bottom line

Substance use disorders are costing you more than you think. Absenteeism, increased healthcare costs and insurance premiums, high employee turnover, and workplace injuries are just the tip of the iceberg.

AUD and SUD affects both employees and employers

Workplace of accidents are alcohol and drug Related
0 %
Of U.S. workers struggle with alcohol use
0 %
Increase in medical costs due to alcohol
0 %
Of employers report that opioid use impacts the workplace
0 %

Patient recovery success rate is 85.7%

The success rate for detox is 10%; for rehab, 13%; and for AA, 8%. But we’ve found that medication, nutrients, and physician care can make that rate jump to 86%. 

Our provider to patient ratio means you’ll have access to physicians, advanced practice clinicians, and nurses who can offer you the medical and behavioral support you need—wherever and whenever you need it.







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