Personalized, at home virtual rehab powered by science, technology, and compassion


What makes North-Star Care different?

Virtual rehab 24/7

Secure, anonymous care with no disruption to family or work.

Full year of care, 1/2 the cost of rehab

Unlike residential rehab, North-Star Care treats patients for a full year at home vs. 30 days...and for half the price.

5:1 provider to patient ratio

Your 5-member care team works with you to identify your goals and implement your treatment plan.

Restore body and brain health

Restore health with medications that work and supplements that reverse damage.

Uncompromising empathy

There is no such thing as shame or discharge at North-Star Care.

50+ years of addiction expertise

Our experienced team has a proven track record of success

The future of alcohol use disorder treatment

Receive 12 months of comprehensive care for half the cost of traditional rehab

Healthcare Simplified

Appointments and communication made easy through intuitive mobile app.

Truly Anonymous Peer Support

Virtual reality allows for true anonymity in group support.

Ensuring Your Safety

Innovative tools monitor your health from home for safe treatment.

You Are Not Alone

The support you need when you need it, 24/7.

Get Control Back

Personalized medications relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Feel Better Week One

Restore nutrients that promote brain healing quickly.
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What industry experts are saying

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large blue quote image North-Star Care embraces innovative approaches to improve the quality of patient care for the 28 million people who struggle with Alcohol Use Disorder. . . .We need a game changer to disrupt our existing dysfunctional treatment model. North-Star Care is that model.​

Patrick Kennedy

Former US Congressman and best selling author

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large blue quote image North-Star Care’s mission resonates with us so much. To say that we’re thrilled to be working with them would be an understatement.

Dror Goldberg

VP of Product, Foretell Reality

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large blue quote image With their integrated care, I believe the team at North Star Care is creating the future standard-of-care.

Dr. Jeffrey Becker

CSO & Co-Founder, Bexson Biomedical

Our trusted partners

North-Star Care featured in Behavioral Health Business

In September 2021, North-Star Care founder and CEO Amanda Wilson was featured in Behavioral Health Business alongside business partner Dror Goldberg of Foretell Reality to share their collaborative approach to treating Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) through virtual reality peer support sessions.

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Discrete Packaging

North-Star Care will mail you a discrete package containing all items needed to start treatment.

  • VR headset
  • Sleep monitor
  • Blood alcohol monitor
  • Genetic tests
  • Drink substitute
  • Supplements
  • Blood pressure cuff



Getting Started

North-Star Care will arrange video conferences with your care team to review your personalized goals and treatment plan.

Mobile App

Our seamless mobile app allows you to manage your daily schedule, message providers, join VR peer support sessions, and much more!