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Clinically proven, evidence-based telehealth alcohol treatment to help you live life on your terms.

Feel Better In 14 Days

Less Cravings, Better Sleep

Not Built On 12 Steps

You Will Drink Less Alcohol

How Our Alcohol Treatment Works

Schedule Your Consultation With A Clinical Team Member

Contact us and NorthStar Care will arrange for a consultation with one of our Registered Nurses to answer all of your questions and begin onboarding.

Receive Your Toolkit & Meet Your 5 Person Care Team

Our team will overnight you a discrete package that includes everything you need for treatment. Items include a VR headset and 3 months of our exclusive nutrient therapy.

Start Nutrient &
Medication Therapy

Restoring brain health, replenishing nutrient loss, curbing cravings, and improving sleep are vital to early and sustained success. Most patients feel better in 2 weeks and see a significant reduction in their alcohol use in the first month.

Unlimited Support In
Virtual Reality

NorthStar Care Peer Guides, all who have lived experience, provide truly anonymous support in Virtual Reality. Choose from a variety of daily peer groups and maintain your privacy while sharing your story and receiving support.

Work With Your Team To Achieve Your Goals

While in treatment, you meet as often as you need with your care team. During these visits you evaluate the success of your treatment plan and adjust your treatment when necessary. Patient care is as intensive as you need it to be.

The Care You Need, When You Need It - No Matter What

Changing your relationship with alcohol can be hard and intensive support is vital. Your dedicated 5-person care team is available when you need them. Treatment should not end at day 30, NorthStar Care provides support for 365 days to ensure lasting success.

Real stories, real success.

"The whole program is so different that it shifted my perception about what is possible."

“Over the years I’ve built up these perceptions about a lot of things including treatment programs for substance abuse, doctors approach to patients, etc. I kind of got to the point where I didn’t feel like doctors were really listening to me or trying to help me, which left me with no motivation to be honest with them and try to help myself. 

Meeting my NorthStar doctors and care team changed that. The whole program is so different that it shifted my perception about what is possible in terms of treating substance abuse relationships. It makes you feel like you are part of team that is helping you and you’re not alone. I would defintely recommend NorthStar Care to anyone looking to change their relationship with alcohol!”

With the use of VR Peer Support, patients like "Bernard" are able to receive truly anonymous care and ensure their privacy is respected.

Why NorthStar?
We turn hope into reality.

Even if you have tried treatment before, there is hope, this IS different. Our treatment approach for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is unique. From our uncompromising empathy to our exclusive nutrient therapy program, you will see the difference. Patients who participate in our treatment are successful. It is time that treatment fits your needs and schedule. You do not have to leave your home, family, or work to get effective and safe treatment for AUD. It is possible to live your life while you get the help you deserve.

Contact our admissions team. We're ready to help.

Treatment built around you. Your goals are our goals.

Science, Technology, & Compassion Help You Succeed

Treatment at NorthStar Care is backed by science, not steps. Our technology provides privacy and ease
of access to your care team. Our compassion is limitless.

A Unique 5 Person Team Dedicated To Your Care

Every patient has a dedicated Physician, Advanced Practice Clinician, Nurse, Navigator, and a Peer Guide that work with you to accomplish your goals.

There Is No "Day 31" At NorthStar

Your team of providers will be with you as long as you need them. It is not possible to be “cured” from Alcohol Use Disorder in one month.

It's never too early to get the support you need. Let's talk.

Our team is ready to help you redefine your relationship with alcohol, live life on your terms, and gain the tools you need to be successful.